Services on Sale and How it Works

Call us to schedule the appointment on sale at 330-497-1651.

Just mention the S.O.S. program and the discount.

Please be aware that the website is not updated as the services are booked. So first come first serve, please call ASAP.

Please be advised that the canceling of an appointment within 72 hours  is not eligible.

Please note that S.O.S. services are not available to book online.

Prices subject to change on custom color.

*Discount is applied to the S.O.S. service specified.

Changing to a lower priced service does not qualify for the discount.

The Following are Services on Sale (S.O.S.) for…

Monday September 23rd

10:30 am Customized Basic Facial with Emily. Original price $68.00- SAVE 25%-  Sale price $51.00

12:30 pm Whirlpool Pedicure with Bridget. Original price $55.00- SAVE 25%-  Sale price $41.25

2:00 pm Whirlpool Pedicure and Shellac Manicure with Marissa. Original price $89.00- SAVE 25%-  Sale price $66.75

3:30 pm Shellac Manicure and Express Pedicure with Lanessa. Original price $73.00- SAVE 25%- Sale price $54.75

4:00 pm Full Session Relaxation Massage Lennon. Original price $63.00- SAVE 25%-  Sale price $47.25

Saturday September 21st

Sorry there are no services on sale