Project Description

Hair & Lash Extensions


Our stylists are certified or trained in Hot Head tape in, Halo Pro tape in and Cinderella strip hair extensions.

Our hair extensions require a consultation before the scheduling of an installation.

During the consultation your professional will review with you what to expect, at home care, in salon maintenance, pricing and color match. Once you have made the decision to proceed, you will be asked for a deposit which will cover the cost of the hair, once this is placed the hair itself is nonrefundable, when your hair arrives you will then receive a phone call to schedule your application. 

Please note, extensions are not bookable online. If you wish to schedule a consultation please call a friendly guest service member at 330-497-1651 so that we can schedule you with a certified hair extension specialist.  

Our technicians are Shavasana Certified, having completed an in-depth training program receiving
hands on training in the art of eye lash extensions. We currently have 2 levels of specialist based
upon years of experience. A consultation is recommended; to review with you on what to expect, at home care, maintenance
appointments pricing and an adhesive patch test if you have allergies to certain types of adhesives. Upon arrival of a full set and fill we ask that you already have a clean eye area free from makeup (especially mascara) and eye creams. Contact lenses will need to be removed before the start of this service. Please note, that like the hair on your head, everyone has different lash thickness and loses lashes at different amounts and frequencies. Scheduling your fill regimen will depend on your desired look and volume. Lash extensions are not bookable online, please call us at 330-497-1651 and speak to a friendly guest service member so that we can schedule you with a certified lash extension specialist.